The Beyond Inclusion Platform


Since you are already here, you seek to understand what lies behind the untapped potential of persons with disabilities. By completing this training material you will be able to acknowledge and reap the benefits of including persons with disabilities in your workforce, as well as learn how you can recruit and accommodate them, creating and inclusive work environment that embraces and integrates diversity.

Introduction & Guidelines

What is it all about?

The Beyond Inclusion is a transnational project co-funded by the Erasmus+ Programme of the European Union. It brings together a consortium from 5 EU countries (Romania, Bulgaria, Greece, Spain and Cyprus), involving 8 expert organizations with complementary experience and expertise: Great People Inside SRL (Romania), Militos Consulting S.A. (Greece), Innovation Training Center (Spain), Business Information and Training Center – Sandanski (Bulgaria), R&Do (Cyprus), AEK (Greece), ME ALLA MATIA (Greece), ASOCIATIA ROMANA DE PSIHOPEDAGOGIE APLICATA (Romania).

This is the intriguing dual objective of Beyond Inclusion project:
Trigger a disability inclusive SMEs mindset, where disability is a benefit.
Equip persons with disabilities with the appropriate tools, practices and soft skills orientation, as well as with a methodology on how to best demonstrate their unique skills in a professional context or when seeking for a job.

Click the video in order to find out how to register to the platform:

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The training material is presented along 2 Modules. Each Module constitutes of Units and at the end of each Unit you can test the knowledge you have acquired by answering two assignments.

Learning Outcomes:
At the end of Module 1 you will learn:

  • Cultural factors, issues, misperceptions and stereotypes which lead to rejection and isolation of persons with disabilities
  • What are the factors and challenges that limit the entry of persons with disabilities into the labour market
  • What are the advantages and benefits for your company when hiring people with disabilities
  • How to create an inclusive and diverse workforce and gain a source of high quality work by hiring persons with disabilities
  • Government guidelines and initiatives, such as legal frameworks, the rights of persons with disabilities, and accessing of incentives and grants.

At the end of Module 2 you will learn:

  • Adapt the work environment for the inclusion of persons with disabilities
  • Apply teleworking as an alternative form of employment, understanding pros and cons

Apply inclusive practices in your company, exploring training programmes for employers

General Tips:
Be open about disability. Employees with disabilities can bring you to an exciting path.
Keep notes of the facts about persons with disabilities that impressed you when reading Module 1.
Pay attention to the legal framework and discover incentives and grants that can promote inclusion of persons with disabilities.
Make a mind map about the steps you can follow for an inclusive workplace when reading Module 2.

Before entering the platform you can visit or test out our Beyond Inclusion Assessment tailored to persons with disabilities, available  in English, Romanian or Spanish, to find out more about their current strengths and weaknesses in regard to their personality and skill set.

The assessment evaluates 15 of the most important behavioral traits as identified within the project from Extraversion to Resilience, Team Work or Positive Thinking.

The current assessment can offer a small glimpse about a person’s characteristics and behavioural patterns in the working environment.

Our Management and Interview reports, while not tailored for a specific role, can provide you with additional tips on how to approach your employee or interview questions examples.

At your request, we can tailor the assessment for specific roles and jobs by creating a performance job model exclusive to your organization when employing or working with PwD. In this regard please contact us at and allow us  up to 48 hours ta analyse your request.

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